Disclaimer on paint chipping:

While I understand that you will probably want to wear your Have Air Custom kicks, I must also advise you to be careful and consious of the type of environments you wear them in. While my customs are shoes, they are also pieces of art. Wear them at your own risk. Just like any other custom by anyone else the paint will chip off if you wear them a lot for sports, wear them almost everyday, or if you try to chip it off. I don’t recommend you play hardcore basketball in my customs. They are however perfectly ok to shoot around in. So remember, if you properly take care of your customs, you should be good!

Disclaimer on returns and refunds:

Once the transaction is complete and your shoes are received, all sales are final. We do not take returns on any of our shirts or shoes. We won’t provide refunds for any reason unless your package is lost in the mail. We will not trade new customs for your old customs. Again, once finished, all sales are FINAL.

Shipping Policy:

All shoes are shipped double boxed (if the pair that you ordered has a box in the first place) through USPS priority mail. All orders will be shipped within 48 hours of placement.